Emotional Support Animal

Florida Gulf Coast University Allows Emotional Support Animals

February 8, 2016 admin No Comments

Alex Kantor a sophomore student at Florida Gulf Coast University has had her Siamese cat living with her for almost a year now.  Alex suffers from anxiety attacks, she was prescribed and ESA from a therapist and is now doing great. According to Kantor she would have regular anxiety attacks before having an Emotional Support Read More

When Pigs Can Fly

January 25, 2016 admin No Comments

We have all heard the old adage “when pigs can fly” has a totally different meaning these days. Emotional Support Animals are many times pigs, and this special pig due to his ESA credentials is flying! Hamlet (the pig) flies everywhere with his mother Meagan Peabody, who lives in the Virgin Islands.  According to Meagan Read More

Day’s Inn Denies Veteran Access w/ Service Animal

January 20, 2016 admin No Comments

A retired Marine with a service animal was recently denied hotel access by Day’s Inn in Groton.  This manager made a big mistake, local news took up the issue and it has since been corrected. The Ferringtons had to leave their home for a couple of weeks due to mold remediation taking place at the Read More

I Guess Turkeys Can Fly!

January 13, 2016 admin No Comments

When we saw this come across the wire today we were all blown away, a turkey as an emotional support animal!  On a recent Delta flight a passenger brought on a turkey-a live turkey- as his emotional support animal. Apparently only on commercial planes (turkeys are flightless otherwise). If the turkey really was an Emotional Read More