Alex Kantor a sophomore student at Florida Gulf Coast University has had her Siamese cat living with her for almost a year now.  Alex suffers from anxiety attacks, she was prescribed and ESA from a therapist and is now doing great.

According to Kantor she would have regular anxiety attacks before having an Emotional Support Animal at her dorm room.  She says, ” there is something about the way the cats purr that calms me down-like the vibration-and petting her, it really  soothes my body because I only focus on that one noise”.  Kantor is also the RA in her building, and the cat doesn’t interfere with her duties, she is careful not to expose students that are allergic to cats by keeping her door closed.

Michael Rollo, the VP of student affairs says “this trend is firing up toward significant numbers and we have to accommodate that.  We have many ESA animals on campus to assist students who have that need”.

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