I Guess Turkeys Can Fly!

January 13, 2016 admin No Comments

When we saw this come across the wire today we were all blown away, a turkey as an emotional support animal!  On a recent Delta flight a passenger brought on a turkey-a live turkey- as his emotional support animal. Apparently only on commercial planes (turkeys are flightless otherwise). If the turkey really was an Emotional Read More

Bullied Middle School Student Allowed to Have Service Dog!

January 13, 2016 admin No Comments

Everyone would agree bullying is tragic for many kids as they go through the awkward teenage years. Bonny O’Donnell, 17 a junior at Savannah High School in Georgia was bullied daily by other kids in school. Bonny suffers from a hormone imbalance that has caused her to become overweight. Daily she would hear jeers from Read More

Dog Pants Taking Off

January 11, 2016 admin No Comments

Anybody on the west coast, that has a dog, is most likely interested in the latest craze, dog pants.  Who wants to spend 20 minutes wiping their dog down before running out to work and driving kids to school. Tim Skelly, owner of Muddy Mutts, tried to settle the debate by saying a pup should Read More